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Use this Compounding Shortcut to Help with the CII R02 Exam

Use this Compounding Shortcut to Help with the CII R02 Exam

If you are taking R02 and struggling with Chapter 4  (equally helpful for AF4), then here’s a short cut for compounding you may or may not be aware of.

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Georgia invests £10,000.  The investment grows at 5% per annum.  How much is it worth after 5 years?

This is a very common exam question.  You can, of course, use your scientific calculator – if you have one – but if, like a lot of us, you just have your old faithful manual one, here’s four easy steps to working this through:

Step 1 = enter the interest rate as a decimal plus 1 – so 1.05.
Step 2 = press the multiplication key (once or twice depending on your calculator, you will need to experiment).
Step 3 = enter present value £10,000.
Step 4 = press the = button the number of times that matches the number of time periods.
The answer is £12,763.

Chapter 4 may only be worth a few points in R02, but why not ensure you get them by using this quick method?

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