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Frequently asked questions

Before contacting us with any specific query, please review the FAQ’s below first. These are the most common questions we receive and it is very likely that your query will be answered below.

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  • I ordered some of your free taster resources. Why haven’t they arrived?
    After you order free taster resources you will normally be sent an email with the download link.If you haven't received an email from us, it is possible that your work server has blocked the email and/or web page. Please speak to your IT department to unblock it. You can also re-request the tasters using a different email address by going to the relevant page on our website and requesting as before.If you still have no luck, please contact us or email us at stating which tasters you had requested and the email address you had used. We will do all we can to help.
  • I have purchased a learning resource, but am having problems opening the file. What do I do?
    Here are some things you can try:
    1. Copy the link and paste it directly into the browser address window OR
    2. "Right click" the download link and either "left click" "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer Users) or "Save Link As" (Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox users) - then choose where on your computer you want to save the file and click Save.
    3. Ensure you have latest version of Adobe Reader for PDF downloads. You can download the latest version for free at
    4. If this does not work - contact your IT support department, if you have this available to you.
    5. Contact us or email with the page you are trying to view, the browser you are using and the error you are receiving, and we'll do all we can to help.
  • I ordered a learning resource. Why can’t I download the file?
    Learning resources which are available as electronic downloads are only available for download for 24 hours.  After this time, the download link will expire.  In order to re-activate it, contact us or email us at quoting your order number and we will re-activate for you.If you are trying to download within 24 hours of placing your order, it is possible that your work server is blocking the download.  Please contact your IT helpdesk.If this does not help, please email us at stating the problem and a secondary email address that we can use to get the file to you.


  • I’ve purchased an e-learning course but I’ve not received my login details
    It can take up to 2 working days for your logon to be activated.  Do contact us if you need your logon sooner.
  • Can I watch the E-Learning Videos offline?
    You will need to be connected to the internet to view the video portion of the E-Learning courses.
  • I have purchased your E-Learning course but I can’t find the login page on your site. Can you help?
    Go to Note that when you signed up you will have received a welcome email with details of how to log on. It is possible that the email when to your "junk" email folder. Please do check that folder.Another possibility if you did not receive a welcome email is that it may have been blocked by your employer's email servers. This does happen from time to time, and you would need to contact your IT people about allowing them. If you still experience problems, please email us at We will do all we can to help. 


  • What are the CII exam dates and can I book an exam through you?
    The CII exams need to be booked via the CII.  You will also find dates and location to all their exams on their website.
  • Do you provide face-to-face training?
    We do not provide face-to-face training as we focus on the need for instantly accessible and endurable learning resources for our customers. We provide a wide range of learning resources including mock papers, calculation workbooks, study notes and E-Learning videos, all of which you can access immediately after payment has been made.
  • Can I buy the CII study text from you?
    We do not sell the CII IFS study texts; you would have to contact the CII directly to purchase the text.
  • Are the study materials you offer meant to be used as a substitute to the CII study text, or should they be used in conjunction with the study text?
    Our resources are intended to complement your studying from the CII text, not to replace it. They help to cement your learning.
  • I am considering purchasing the mock papers from you online. Can you confirm that these are different to the papers provided by the CII?
    Our mock papers are written by ourselves.  They are not duplicates of the CII papers.
  • I have received the download PDF version of a resource, but I have not received the hard copy of the products I ordered in the post. When can I expect to receive them?
    All our learning resources (except for E-Learning) are delivered in electronic downloadable format only. This helps to keep costs and prices down for our customers. If you prefer to work in hard copy, our downloadable PDF documents can be printed off at your convenience.

Learning Resources

  • I am sitting my exam in the next examinable tax year, but your learning resource states that it is valid in a different examinable tax year. Why?
    We update our learning resources around mid-August in time for the change of examinable tax year on 1 September each year.
  • What should I do if I think I have found an error in a learning resource?
    We sometimes receive reports of errors that turn out not to be errors. Before reporting a potential error, please ensure you have double-checked the potential problem and check our updates page as the resource may have been updated since you purchased it?If you still believe there is an error, please contact us or email us at stating the exact learning resource, the exact location of the potential error and the reason why you believe it to be an error. We will then look into it as soon as possible.
  • Who should I contact if I have a question about one of your learning resources?
    If your query directly relates to one of our learning resources (for example, a query about an answer to a mock question) then please contact us or email us at stating the learning resource and your query. We will then respond to you as soon as possible.

MP3 Files

  • How do I save an MP3 file to my Apple device?
    For some reason Apple like to complicate the issue with regards to saving MP3 files to your Apple device. For all iPhones and iPads, you need to go through iTunes first ie. the MP3s must first be downloaded onto a PC/laptop. You then need to upload the files to your iTunes library. Once the files are in iTunes, you then need to sync your iPhone/iPad with your iTunes account. Step by step instructions can be found at
  • The MP3 files are taking a long time to download.
    This may be due to your internet connection.  With a standard broadband connection, a single MP3 files should only take a few seconds to download.  Please try again later or from a different internet connection.
  • I have burned an MP3 file to CD. Why can’t I play it back on my CD player?
    Due to a huge number of factors, such as: the age of the CD player on which you are attempting to play the CDs and the quality of the media you are using, there isn't one specific answer. If you use a high-quality CD-R (not CD-RW) and try to play it back on a fairly new player, you may have some success. If not, try doing a Google search for more guidance. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide IT support for specific burning queries.
  • Can I listen to MP3s on my iPod?
    Absolutely. Just save the audio file to your iTunes library and download onto your iPod. It is just the same as saving music files to your iPod as they are in MP3 format.
  • How do I listen to MP3 audio files?
    To listen to MP3 files, you must have software that can play MP3 audio files. There are dozens of programs out there (most of which are free), but chances are that you have at least one of them already on your computer.Try these: With some media players, such as iTunes, you have the ability to burn the MP3 file to CD or download to your MP3 player.

Payments & Invoicing

  • I require a receipt for my order. How do I get one?
    You will have received an email with an order receipt after you placed your order. However, if you require a VAT receipt you will need to email us at stating your order number.
  • Do you issue invoices to be paid on account?
    We accept credit/debit card or Paypal. We do not issue invoices for payment on account, unless by prior arrangement for corporate customers.
  • Can I pay using paypal?
    Yes you can pay using Paypal, just select this option at the checkout.
  • Can I pay by cheque?
    Unfortunately we only take payments online. We use a secure online payment service and have a merchant account with a large UK bank. If you pay by credit card instead of debit card then there is also an extra layer of safety.

PDF Documents

  • Can you confirm that your resources are in electronic PDF format?
    Most of our resources are downloadable PDF files which can be viewed using the latest version of Adobe Reader.  As soon as you make your purchase, you will then be sent to a webpage where you can download the PDF files immediately.  You will also be sent an email with the same download links.  The download links are active for 24 hours.
  • When I try to open my PDF document, I am told the file is corrupted. How do I get a replacement?
    The most common reason for getting a message stating that the file is corrupt is that you are not using the latest version of Adobe Reader.  You can download the latest version for free at you still cannot open your file, please contact us or email us at quoting your order number.  We will do all we can to help.


  • I am having problems viewing video on your website. Can you help?
    Our e-learning videos have been tested across browsers and devices.  Please try each of the following:
    1. A different web browser such as Google Chrome. Your browser settings may be blocking the video.
    2. Please try a different computer if possible as some individual PC settings can block some videos.
    3. If still no luck, please be aware that some workplace firewalls block video files. Please try at home.