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Corporate Solutions for CII Exam and CPD Assessment Test Resources

Are you looking for learning resources to help your employees pass their CII exams, or assessment tests to satisfy CPD requirements? We help numerous businesses looking for cost-effective methods to ensure their employees have the best chance of passing their exams and keeping their knowledge up-to-date.  Our corporate solutions include:

Discount Codes for Exam Resources

Do you need a quick and simple way to motivate your employees to gain help with their exams and therefore increase their chances of passing?

Mostly used where employees pay for their own resources, your bespoke corporate discount code can be used by your employees via our online checkout. If required, we can also set up discount codes for use by company departments.

Licensing Agreements for Exam Resources

Do you need a cost-effective method of providing exam learning resources for multiple employees? Our licensing agreements allow your company to share specific resources with a set number of your employees. We can discuss the needs of your employees, and we can recommend resources to suit your budget.

Tailored Resources

Do you have a specific requirement that may require us to tailor our resources to meet your exact needs?

We can have a chat to discuss your requirements, and then we can provide you with potential solutions which may involve tailoring our learning resources so that they meet your needs.

Corporate Solutions for CPD Assessment Testing

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution for adviser assessment testing?

Click here for further information and to contact us.


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Whether one of the above packages sounds perfect for your business or whether you need a tailored package that is just right for you, please do contact us now and we will arrange a time for a chat.

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