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A Discounting Shortcut for your CII R02 Exam

A Discounting Shortcut for your CII R02 Exam

Previously, we looked at compounding and a shortcut to working it out on a manual calculator – in this article, we’ll cover discounting.  This comes up in CII R02, AF4 and J10.

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Let’s continue with our investor, Georgia:

Georgia made an investment 5 years ago which has grown by 5% per annum and is now worth £12,763.  How much did she originally invest?

As we said last week, you can, of course, use your scientific calculator but if, like many of us, you just have your manual, there are just four easy steps to remember:

Step 1 = enter the future value of £12,763 into your calculator.
Step 2 = press (divide) once or twice depending on your calculator (experiment to see what works).
Step 3 = enter interest rate as a decimal plus 1 – ie 1.05.
Step 4 = press the = button the number of times that matches the number of time periods  ie 5.
The answer is £10,000.

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