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Child Benefit Tax Charge – CII R03, R06, AF1 and AF5

Child Benefit Tax Charge – CII R03, R06, AF1 and AF5

This article shares with you a case study where a couple, who are receiving the child benefit for their three children, are able to reduce their child benefit tax charge and receive an effective tax relief of over 64%.

We have talked about the child benefit tax charge before – almost 2 years’ ago now when it was first introduced, but with the new CII examinable year now upon us, here’s a tip for those sitting R03, AF1 or one of the financial planning exams, R06 or AF5.

A quick recap on the facts – if someone has an adjusted net income between £50,000 and £60,000 the charge is 1% of the total child benefit for every £100 of income over the £50,000 threshold.

Case Study

Stan and Rosie have three children, all qualifying for child benefit.  They receive £20.50 each week for the eldest and £13.53 for the two others.  Rosie does not work and Stan earns £52,000 – (his ‘adjusted net income’).

The total child benefit they receive is: £47.56 per week x 52 = £2,473.12

Because Stan earns £2,000 over the £50,000 threshold this is divided by £100 which gives us 20. We multiply this by 1% and apply 20% to the total child benefit received which means Stan will have a tax charge of £494.62. (£2,473.12 x 20%).

The child benefit can still be claimed but Stan will have to pay the tax charge through self-assessment or PAYE.

Cut Taxes - Minimise the Child Benefit Tax ChargeTo avoid having to pay this, Stan should make a net pension contribution of £1,600 – this grosses up to £2,000 which is then deducted from his income leaving him now with an adjusted net income of £50,000 and no tax charge to pay!

What is more exciting though is that he can also reclaim higher rate tax relief  which means the pension contribution only really costs him £1,200 – saving tax of £800 plus the child benefit tax charge of £494.62 making a total of £1,294.62 which is an effective tax relief of just over 64%!

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