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When is the Best Time for Study Success?

When is the Best Time for Study Success?

You’re busy and probably wondering how you’ll fit in time for your exam revision. Here are some strategies you can use to help make the most of your time.

Written by Lysette Offley

So! When is the best time for study success?

The simple answer is – whatever works for you.

We know you’re busy and have lots of important things to juggle already, so doesn’t it make sense to try to fit your study times around your commitments – bearing in mind whether you’re a morning, afternoon or evening person?

Take some time to think about how much time you need for those other commitments. How much time do you need for your family, clients, admin, exercise program etc, etc (You do exercise, don’t you?)


See if there are any times when you could be testing yourself on your revision at the same time as doing something else. For example: a train journey, waiting for the other person to arrive at your meeting or while walking the dog. Use your imagination!

Get into the habit of taking some of your revision notes with you everywhere you go. Check your revision calendar to see what needs checking today, and make a point of finding a few minutes here and there to test yourself.

Beware distractions!

Make sure you don’t get distracted. You’d be surprised at how clean and tidy your house can become when revision is calling!

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Bear in mind that for the short-term you may have to give up some of your hobbies, just to fit in that the extra time needed for your revision. Try and strike a good balance though. All work doesn’t just make Jack a dull boy, it also renders him less effective with his revision.


Make sure you factor in time to rest. Most of us lead pretty hectic lives and our bodies need regular opportunities to recuperate. Take this seriously. Overdoing it will make you ill eventually – and then you’ll be no good to anyone.

Take a look at the quality of relaxation you achieve. Are you able to completely switch off from the various stresses of the day, or are you listening to constant chatter in your head about all the things that need doing? You might consider activities which will really take your mind off the hurly-burly, for example any sort of exercise, dancing, yoga, meditation, massage – you get the picture!


And timetable your revision just like you would anything else that’s important. Each week, have a look at your diary and mark in it when you intend to get some study done. Okay, sometimes things will crop up and disrupt your plans, but things that are written down – get done – eventually!