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Hot Topic – Which Study Materials to Use for CII AF Exams?

Hot Topic – Which Study Materials to Use for CII AF Exams?

Hot TopicHaving recently been involved with a discussion over what materials to use to study for AF exams, we thought it might be useful to bring it up here and open it up for discussion.

 The CII recommend studying:
 AF1 J02 Trusts
R03 Personal Taxation
R05 Financial Protection
AF1 Case Study Workbook
 AF2 J03 Tax and Legal Aspects of Business
AF2 Case Study Workbook
AF3 R04 Pensions and Retirement Planning
J05 Pension Income Options
AF3 Case Study workbook
AF4 J10 Discretionary Investment Management
R02 Investment Principles and Risk
AF4 Case Study Workbook
AF5 R01 – R06
J02 Trusts
J03 Tax and Legal Aspects of Business
J05 Pension Income Options


From our own experience, AF1 and AF2 do seem to be suitably covered by the suggested study texts. We are not so sure that AF3 and AF4 are though.  Some of the calculations in AF4 in particular do not appear in any detail in the J10 or R02 syllabus and the only way really to practise them is by looking beyond the suggested resources.  AF5 is all about applying knowledge beyond what’s expected in R06 but with the fact find received 2 weeks prior to the exam, there’s plenty of time to get the help needed or to revise areas that might be weak.

AF exams are not easy – they go beyond what is expected from the Diploma levels exams because they are expecting you to apply the knowledge that you have learned, not just repeat it – they should all be treated with respect.  Past papers and mock papers are a must to help prepare for the type of questioning and the level of detail required.

What resources have you found useful for your AF exams?  Or which are you currently using to study for an AF exam?

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