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A Look at Recent Past Papers for the CII AF7 Exam

A Look at Recent Past Papers for the CII AF7 Exam

In this article, we are taking a quick look at the questions asked in the last four exam papers of the CII’s Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning AF7 exam paper – this is the exam on Pension Transfers.

This will be useful reading for you if you are preparing to sit this exam in the near future; it will help you to focus your revision on the areas that are likely to be examined.

September 2021
April 2021
February 2021
October 2020
The drivers of vulnerabilityAbridged advice processFactors to consider regarding GMP when recommending a transferProof of advice prior to transfer
Impact of inflation and gilt yields on CETV calculationAssessing capacity for lossEmployer covenantsIll-health early retirement, PPF, and transfer values
Information trustees must provide following CETV requestAdditional information when advising on transfer of a RACDeath benefits DB vs DCFactors to consider regarding GMP when recommending a transfer
Factors that may impact security of DB benefitsFactors to consider when assessing sustainable withdrawal rateFactors to consider when providing abridged adviceReasons why a CETV may increase
Investment strategy for a transferred pensionAdditional information required from scheme administratorFactors to consider when deciding which pension to transferTransfer of pre- or post-97 benefits
PCLS vs UFLS to make a giftFactors to consider when recommending a transferBenefits and disadvantages of annuity vs FADDeath benefits from scheme versus DC pension
Voluntary class 3 NICsInvestment strategy – commercial property and equitiesJustification for making class 3 NICsConsiderations when designing an investment strategy
Fact-finding/ further information when recommending a transferOne page summaryContingent charging ban and carve-outsAdditional information required from scheme administrator
Factors to consider when recommending a transferReasons for the recommendationCashflow modelling – FCA requirements and importance of regular reviewFactors that would support a transfer recommendation
Rationale for cashflow modellingPPF protectionRisks relevant to a specific recommendationReasons for death benefit nominations
Transfer values and IHT planning

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As you can see from the above, there are running themes which come up time and time again. It is odds on that you are going to be asked to justify a recommendation. Sometimes you will be asked to make the recommendation, at others you may be given the recommendation and asked to justify it. Fact-finding and factors to consider when making a recommendation are other regulars.

It is more likely than not that there will be something on death benefits, whilst practical skills such as cashflow modelling and development of an investment strategy also come up on a regular basis. There is quite often a COBS/general compliance question, and curveballs such as GMP and class 3 NICs have also come up on more than one occasion, as have the factors that impact transfer values.

Just occasionally, you may also get a composite question like October 2020 Question 2, which managed to test the requirements for ill-health early retirement, the PPF, and why a transfer value may represent good value to someone in poor health, all in one fell swoop.

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