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R06 Exam: Financial Planning Practice

R06 Exam: Financial Planning Practice


The R06 exam, formerly known as J08, covers all aspects of financial planning practice and has been designed to help individuals strengthen their financial planning abilities. The exam tests a candidate’s technical knowledge and their ability to develop existing planning skills, such as those gained through the other units. It is necessary to pass the R06 exam at the end of the unit to achieve the Diploma of Regulated Financial Planning.


  • The fundamental features of the relationship between adviser and client
  • How to establish the aims of a client and carry out a risk profile
  • Fact-finding and analysis of client data
  • Forming a financial plan and making appropriate recommendations
  • Monitoring clients’ circumstances and adapting the plan to take account of any relevant changes

Key Facts:

The format and procedure of the R06 exam differs from the other CII Diploma for Regulated Financial Planning exams (units R01-R05). It is a 3-hour written exam consisting of short questions, which are based on the two case studies that candidates are given two weeks before the exam. You are not allowed to take this document into the exam, but you will be provided with an identical fresh copy of it immediately before you begin the exam.  The exam is held at various test centres in cities throughout the United Kingdom usually in January, April, July and October of each year.

Brand Financial Training Study Aids:

Brand Financial Training study materials can help you go into the test centre feeling confident, and increase your chances of passing first time. Two useful R06 exam study aids are the Mock Papers and Study Notes. Each mock paper contains two case studies with questions and answers.  The Study Notes are basically a condensed version of the CII study text, and include valuable pointers for things to look out for in the case study fact-find. Both study aids are available in PDF format, allowing you to receive them electronically without delay, print them out and work through them at your own pace.

Information in this article is correct as at July 2011