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R06 Exam: Financial Planning Practice

R06 Exam: Financial Planning Practice

What to Expect from the R06 Exam

R06 is a level 4 exam which covers all aspects of financial planning practice and has been designed to help individuals strengthen their financial planning abilities.  It is necessary to pass the R06 exam to achieve the Diploma of Regulated Financial Planning. The exam tests a candidate’s technical knowledge and their ability to develop existing planning skills, such as those gained through the other units of the diploma.


  • The fundamental features of the relationship between adviser and client
  • How to establish the aims of a client and carry out a risk profile
  • Fact-finding and analysis of client data
  • Forming a financial plan and making appropriate recommendations
  • Monitoring clients’ circumstances and adapting the plan to take account of any relevant changes

Exam Components

The format and procedure of the R06 exam differs from the other CII Diploma for Regulated Financial Planning exams (units R01-R05). It is a 3-hour written exam consisting of short questions which are based on two case studies that candidates receive two weeks prior to the exam sitting. You are not allowed to take this document into the exam, but you will be provided with an identical fresh copy in the exam. The nominal pass mark is 55%. You do not have to pass all the questions to achieve an overall pass, you just have to gain enough marks in total. You will be notified of your result on a set exam results day approximately 6 weeks after the exam.

Top Tips

Many candidates purchase a case study analysis to help them thoroughly prepare for the exam. The analysis covers each of the aims and the potential questions that you might face on exam day but you will still need to ensure your knowledge is up to speed especially in any technical areas that might be signposted in the case studies.

Read the questions carefully and ensure you are answering the questions that are actually being asked and not those you are hoping to be asked – this can cost vital marks.

Also be prepared for a curveball question or two, the CII like to throw these in.

Brand Financial Training Case Study Analysis:

Our R06 Analysis has a proven track record of helping people to pass their R06 exam.

The CII issue the two case studies 2 weeks before the exam, we then produce our full detailed analysis including the types of questions we think may be asked in the exam with model answers, exam technique, past paper analysis and generic questions including product areas and technical knowledge. Our analysis is issued 10 calendar days prior to the exam.

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Information in this article is correct as at November 2020