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R02 Exam: Investment Principles and Risk

R02 Exam: Investment Principles and Risk

What to Expect from the R02 Exam

The Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning consists of six modules: R01, R02, R03, R04, R05 and R06. However, if a student’s past qualifications apply, not all six need to be taken in order to receive this diploma. The first five units are made up of multiple choice questions; the sixth is a written exam.


There are no prerequisites; this exam is open to anyone who wishes to have a career as, amongst others, a financial adviser, paraplanner, or serve in an administrative support role. Both new entrants and qualified advisers who need to achieve Level 4 can sit the exams.



The objective of the R02 Exam, Investment Principles and Risk, is to develop the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of investment principles and risk and how to apply that knowledge on a daily basis. The syllabus covers all aspects of investment principles: their characteristics, risks, behaviour and correlation; investment performance; the macro-economic environment and its effect upon asset classes; investment theories; and the impact of risk on investment performance.

Venues and dates

The R02 exam is held on most working days throughout the year at over 60 assessment centres across the United Kingdom, including London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham.

Exam Components

The R02 exam,which entails a recommended 60 hours of study time and is worth 20 exam credits, lasts for 2 hours and the nominal pass mark is 65%. Upon completion of the final question, candidates are immediately notified on their personal computer screen of their result (pass or fail).


Standard Costs

Rates for sitting the R02 exam can be found on the CII website, with a reduced rate available for members of The Chartered Insurance Institute.


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Information in this article is correct as at May 2011