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Preparing for the CII Remote Invigilation Exam

Preparing for the CII Remote Invigilation Exam

We are still receiving feedback from customers who are having problems with the CII remote invigilation (certainly not as many as last year though thankfully!) so we thought we would share with you some key pointers to help with your preparation as it looks as though remote exams are here to stay.

CII Webinars – a Must for the First-Time User

The CII ran some very useful webinars recently which covered everything you need to know about preparing for the remote invigilation exams for both MCQ and written exams (Note: the process is different for MCQ and written exams). These webinars are now available on their website.

This is definitely worth an hour of your time to ensure you are fully prepared as there are a lot of potential pitfalls.

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The key points from the webinars:

Preparation Before the Exam

  • Decide on the laptop or PC you will use, and check it meets the system requirements (you cannot use mobile devices). Ideally use a personal device rather than a work one, as this can cause additional complexities. Note: there is an additional CII webinar for company IT support teams to cover some of the issues that may arise.
  • You will need to install a secure browser, but be aware that a different process and different software are used for written exams and for MCQ exams.

Written Exams: You can install the secure browser up to two weeks before the exam and the CII suggests you do this early to identify any potential problems. Full details will be sent in your confirmation email.

MCQ Exams: You will need to download the secure browser on exam day. The browser will be available 15 minutes before the scheduled exam start time and will be available for a maximum of 30 minutes. You will need to follow the instructions in your confirmation email sent to you by the CII, which involves logging into ‘My CII’ and click on ‘launch exam’, you’ll then be taken to the CII’s provider site where you can download the secure browser.

  • You will need a built-in or portable webcam.
  • Understand the rules around other screens in the room, for example, if you have a laptop and wish to use a larger standalone monitor you must ensure the laptop is closed at all times so two screens are not being used.
  • Make use of the practice tests. The best way to ensure you are confident in using the on-line PSI exam system is to take a practice test. The CII will email you the links to the practice tests in your confirmation email.

Exam Day and the Test Environment

  • Mobile phones must be out of reach/sight.
  • You must have a mirror and your photo ID to hand.
  • You can have two blank sheets of AF4 paper plus a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper with login details and PSI contact details.
  • You can use your own non-programmable calculator – an on-screen calculator is available but from the feedback we have had we would suggest it is easier and quicker to use your own.
  • Launching the exam – Start the process at least 30 minutes before the exam. You will be asked to scan the room, show your photo ID, do a mirror check, and take a user photo. For MCQ exams you will also have to download the secure browser as detailed above. It can take up to 30 minutes to do everything properly. Ensure you are clear on the mirror check, the webinar includes a video explaining how this should be done (We have heard of many candidates who were worried they didn’t pass the exam as they didn’t do this check properly!!)

Keep up to date with the Q&A on the CII’s website, as things are changing all the time.  This way you will ensure nothing comes as a surprise on exam day.


Information in this article is correct as at 8th March 2021.