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10 Signs That You Need to Do Something About Stress

10 Signs That You Need to Do Something About Stress

Do you already know just how difficult it is to concentrate on your exam revision when you’re feeling stressed? I bet you do! This article helps readers to recognise the signs of stress.

Written by Lysette Offley

Stress has a hugely negative effect on your mental performance. If you’re suffering from stress, you need to learn how to keep it under control so that you give yourself the best chance of revising well for your exam and doing yourself justice.

A stress response can be useful

You are, of course, supposed to have a stress response. It comes in very handy from time to time! If you’re crossing the road and begin to detect that the oncoming vehicle is going to arrive more quickly than you originally thought, it’s your stress response that gets you onto the pavement safely – and without you consciously making the decision to move faster.

Once you’ve reached safety however, you might begin to notice a pounding heart and sweaty palms! Your stress response did a good job.

Physiologically, we’re pretty much the same as we were 10,000 years ago, when we lived in caves. Our stress response then allowed enough of our ancestors to survive to pass on their successful genes. If you think about it, the stress mechanism allowed them to respond appropriately to threats to their survival, such as the proverbial sabre tooth tiger.

However, having thrown a rock at it, or simply by having run away, our ancestors would have then continued peacefully with their day.

Not us though, eh?

Stress can stay with us, and it stops straight-thinking

We career from one apparently stressful situation into the next and into the next. We often don’t give our bodies time to metabolise the stress hormones, which have made our hearts pump faster, made us breathe quicker and have made our eyes focus narrowly on the source of (apparent) danger.

Not only that, but when we’re in a state of stress we become stupid!

And by that I mean we can’t think straight. We’re not supposed to think straight. In the face of danger, we are simply supposed to focus on the threat to our life and take action to survive it. We’re not supposed to stand around scratching our heads, searching our brains for interesting trivia associated with it!

So you’re not going to find your revision very easy in anything less than a relaxed and focused state of mind. But the situation is worse than that.

Long-term stress can affect us permanently

Long-term stress can have dire and permanent consequences on our neurology. It makes us permanently stupid!

Ultimately, as you already know – stress will kill us! Don’t ignore the signs.

But how would you know if you’re stressed? Sometimes it’s difficult enough to spot in other people – never mind in ourselves, but if you regularly do any of the following it might be an indication of stress:

  • Do you put things off? Are you procrastinating about anything?
  • Do you lie awake worrying?
  • Do you feel guilty when you’re not working?
  • Are you easily frustrated?
  • Do you notice your heart pounding? Do you get palpitations, sweaty hands, a dry mouth?
  • Do you grind your teeth?
  • Do you get riled easily?
  • Do you eat on the trot, or binge-eat?
  • Do you smoke or drink and tell yourself it’s the only way you can relax?
  • Are you clumsy and bump into things or drop things?
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If you think you might be suffering from stress, then consider taking up yoga or meditation – both superb for lowering stress levels. Talk to someone you trust about your worries. Get a different perspective on it. Take some gentle exercise. Stop watching telly and instead read a good book.

If you’re relying on your brain working well for the exams, you can’t afford to ignore stress.

Do something about it while you can, or you might not live to regret it!