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Is your CII study text up to date?

Is your CII study text up to date?

At this very moment, the material you’ve been revising from your CII study text could be outdated. In this brief article, we’ll tell you why that might be true for you and what you can do about it.

The CII produces a new edition of each exam study text once a year. The new edition reflects changes to the syllabus and tax and legislation updates; however, many candidates are not aware that there are additional updates throughout the examinable tax year.

These additional, ad-hoc updates are usually due to legislative changes, to correct errors, or to clarify understanding. Whilst the CII usually notify candidates of these changes, they do state they cannot always guarantee to do this. It is therefore important that you regularly check to ensure you are studying the correct, most up-to-date material. If you subscribe to our newsletter or blog you will receive reminders to check for updates in each of our monthly newsletters.

The updates can be found on the CII website, navigate to your chosen exam, and any updates are shown under “Unit Updates” on the right-hand column. We suggest you check for changes under both headings “Learning solutions update” and “Qualification update”.

As some of these changes also affect Brand Financial Training’s learning resources, we also update the relevant parts of our resources, all our learning updates can be found on our Learning Resource Updates page.