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CII Pass Rates for 2015: R08 Tops the List

CII Pass Rates for 2015: R08 Tops the List

The CII have published the annual exam pass rates for 2015. We take a quick look at the results in comparison to previous years – of interest to those studying for their CII exams.

Using the figures from 2012, 2013 and 2014, you can see below how these percentages have changed for the Diploma and the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning exams. (Information for the other exams can be found on the CII website).

The J0 Exams

The 2015 figures show pass rates for J02 – J12 range from just over 51% to over 80%. The lowest figure of 51.86% is once again for J07 (Supervision in a regulated environment); although it has improved from the 2014 figure of 40.17%. Other subjects where the pass rate has dropped from 2014 are J02, J05, J11 and J12.

Top of the charts with 83.79% of candidates passing in 2015 is once again J10 (Discretionary investment management) (up from 81.06% in 2014) with J12 (Securities advice and dealing) again coming in second place with 67.74%. These subjects, which are both tested by multiple-choice, are consistently showing good pass rates (despite J12 going down from 72.89% in 2014, still well over 60% of delegates passed in 2015).

The R0 Exams

For the R0 units, the numbers are mixed for 2015; only one subject shows an improvement from 2014 and that is R06 the financial planning paper. R01 through to R05 all show lower pass results from the previous year. The pensions module and the personal taxation module continue to be a challenge with only 49.53% of candidates passing R04 and R03 only marginally better with 50.90%. In fact the figures for R04 have progressively worsened since 2012 whilst R08 the pension update module shows a very impressive 92.51% of students passing last year.

The Advanced Subjects

With the advanced subjects, the pensions paper, AF3, continues to be a challenge; the pass rates have deteriorated each year since 2012 with 2015 showing a miserable rate of just 31.47% of candidates passing. The pass rate for AF6 (Senior management and supervision), shows a decent leap from the mid to high 40%’s in both 2013 and 2014 up to an impressive 72.29% in 2015 which means it takes top position for last year. The good news also is that AF2 (the Business financial planning paper), has shown improvement from 2014 jumping up to 52.27%. AF1 figures have also improved as have the figures for AF4.

AF5 was top of the AF charts in 2014 but slips back to 3rd place in 2015 with just 61.75% of students passing this exam.

CII Exam Pass Rates 2015


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