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Updates to CII Study Texts – 9 January through to 7 February 2018

Updates to CII Study Texts – 9 January through to 7 February 2018

Are you aware that the CII update their study texts throughout the examinable year to either incorporate new legislations, correct errors or clarify information?  Many candidates aren’t aware of this, which can result in candidates studying out-of-date information.  To make this easier for you, we have collated the most recent CII study text updates.  As some of them affect Brand Financial Training’s learning resources, we have also updated the relevant parts of our resources, which are noted below.  Note that we always keep our resources up-to-date.

These updates were taken from the CII website between 9 January and 7 February 2018.

You can find these updates yourself by going to and navigating to your chosen exam.  Then in the right-hand column, you will usually see two options: “Learning solutions update” and “Qualification update”.  These are the two areas where updates to study texts are normally shown.

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CII CF1: UK Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics

Web update 3 : 30 January 2018

CII CF8: Long Term Care Insurance

Web update 3 : 24 January 2018

CII IF4: Insurance Claims Handling Process

Web update 2 : 23 January 2018

CII J10: Discretionary Investment Management

Web update 1 : 29 January 2018


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