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R01 Exam: Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics

R01 Exam: Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics

What to Expect from the R01 Exam

The CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning is comprised of the R01, R02, R03, R04, R05 and R06 units. R01 to R05 are multiple choice question exams and cover different subjects within the diploma. There is very little cross over in the syllabus so most people take the exams one at a time – the order is really up to you but don’t be fooled into thinking that R01 will be an easy starter for 10!

Many candidates find the content for R01 very dry so working your way through the whole study text can be extremely tedious and it is by no means an easy exam. R01 is a level 4 exam and has 100 questions with around 13 multi response questions which can be harder and more time consuming that the standard multiple choice questions.  Also, the questions are not spread evenly across the syllabus, for example there are 10 chapters but over a quarter of the questions are from chapter 5.

Top Tip

Read and study the exam syllabus, look at the learning outcomes and how many questions are likely to be examined on each area so if you find yourself struggling  for time (or energy) you can focus your in depth learning.


The R01 syllabus covers the financial services industry in the United Kingdom, with emphasis on the retail customer. The ‘regulatory’ framework and the powers and responsibilities of the Financial Conduct Authority and it’s Code of Ethics.

Venues and Dates

The R01 exam is held weekly throughout the year at a range of locations across the United Kingdom, including London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham.

Exam Components

The R01 Exam is worth 20 exam credits, is an online exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions inclusive of a number of multi-answer questions. Candidates log onto the system with their allocated pass number and answer the questions. It must be completed within 2 hours and the nominal pass mark is 65%. Before the exam starts, a short tutorial is available, which demonstrates the required procedure. Upon completion candidates receive an immediate notification of the result. A formal letter confirming the result is then sent within seven working days.


Rates for sitting the R01 exam can be found on the CII website, and a reduced rate is available for members of The Chartered Insurance Institute.


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Information in this article is correct as at May 2020