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R01 Exam: Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics

R01 Exam: Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics

What to Expect from the R01 Exam

A CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning is suitable for a wide range of positions: financial advisers, paraplanners, financial services administrative professionals, and technical support employees. Anyone can apply to take the exams for the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, no matter their level of educational background or previous professional experience. The CII Exam Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning is comprised of the R01, R02, R03, R04, R05 and R06 units. Units do not have to be completed in any progressive order, and depending on a student’s past qualifications, not all units must be completed.

The new R01 Exam was launched by The Chartered Insurance Institute in 2010 as a contributory module to the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.


The syllabus covers the financial services industry in the United Kingdom, with emphasis on the retail customer, the Financial Services Authority (FSA)’s set up, powers and responsibilities, legal concepts and the Code of Ethics.

Venues and Dates

This segment of the CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning is held throughout the year at a range of locations across the United Kingdom, including London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham.

Exam Components

The R01 Exam, which entails a recommended 60 hours of study time and is worth 20 exam credits, is an online exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions inclusive of a number of multi-answer questions. Candidates log onto the system with their allocated pass number and answer the questions. It must be completed within 2 hours and the nominal pass mark is 65%. Before the exam starts, a short tutorial is available, which demonstrates the required procedure.

Standard Costs

Rates for sitting the R01 exam can be found on the CII website, and a reduced rate is available for members of The Chartered Insurance Institute.


Mock exam papers and study notes are considered by most exam candidates to be crucial to their success on the R01 exam. Brand Financial Training offers both of these valuable training resources, as well as study kits and other learning options to help students pass the R01 Exam with flying colours. Click below to see more information.

Information in this article is correct as at May 2011