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J06 Exam: Investment Principles, Markets and Risks

J06 Exam: Investment Principles, Markets and Risks

To practice as a financial adviser or planner, you must achieve certain qualifications in accordance with the standards set by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).  The FSA recently increased the minimum required QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) from Level 3 to Level 4. The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) developed their first Diploma, the CII Diploma in Financial Planning, to cover units that also provide strong background knowledge for eventually attaining the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. The Diploma in Financial Planning requires a total of 140 credits, 80 of which must be at diploma level or higher. This means that 80 credits must be gained through the J01-J07 or R01-R06 units.

The J06 exam can be used towards this diploma. It is worth 20 credits (at diploma level) and is estimated to take 100 study hours, although this may vary depending on an individual’s circumstances.  Upon completion of this unit, candidates are expected to have a complete understanding of all aspects of investment products and to know how to manage an investment portfolio effectively.


  • Principles of portfolio risks and returns
  • Establishing client constraints and objectives
  • Main principles of investment portfolio construction
  • Risks and returns of different types of investments: cash, debt investments, equities and property
  • The risks and returns of alternative investments and derivatives
  • How to build a portfolio and allocate assets
  • Assessment of investment portfolio performance and investment management services

Key Facts:

The J06 exam is a 2-hour written exam, which takes place on set dates in a number of test centres across the United Kingdom, including Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool and London. The exam consists of 15 written short-answer questions and has a nominal pass mark of 55%.

Brand Financial Training Study Aids:

Brand Financial Training can help you with all the preparation you need to do to pass your J06 exam. Study aids include Mock Exam Papers and a Calculation Workbook. The Mock Exam Papers include three complete sets of questions in the style of the CII’s exam questions (these are not duplicates of the CII mock papers). The Calculation Workbook includes over 75 pages of calculation questions and answers and cross-references CII study materials. Both of these Brand Financial Training study aids are conveniently available in PDF format, allowing you to receive them electronically and print them out and complete them at your leisure.

Information in this article is correct as at August 2011