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Hot Topic – CII J12 Exam

Hot Topic – CII J12 Exam

Hot TopicOne of our staff here at Brand Financial Training took the J12 exam this week.  She has also taken J10 and R02 and so I was interested to hear her thoughts as to how they compare.

The first thing mentioned is that there’s a lot of crossover – although perhaps a bit more detail than we’ve seen before, for example depositary receipts in the equities section hasn’t been covered before and foreign exchange in chapter 3 is a new area too.  But much of the syllabus is covered elsewhere so if you’ve done J10 recently and have done R02 in the past then J12 is a natural progression with not too much extra studying needed.

The other feedback given was that the manual is well written (same was said about J10) and interesting – further insight into how trading actually works and happens on the stock exchange is quite enlightening.  If you’ve ever wondered what a ‘dark pool’ is then J12 is for you.

As for calculations, the exam covered the usual suspects; CAPM, Sharpe ratio, bond yields and compounding – but some new ones too such as working out how many pips are made on a currency deal!

The final piece of feedback was about the last section.  This has 15 questions based on case study information.  They are standard multi choice – not multi-response like the J10 exam.  There were some calculations but nothing too strenuous and other fairly straightforward questions around the taxation of products.  All in all this last section was the easiest and a lot easier than J10.

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