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Hot Topic – CII Exams Pass Rates for 2012

Hot Topic – CII Exams Pass Rates for 2012

Update : 6 March 2014 : This post is now closed for comments as the post relates to the release of the CII 2012 pass rates. The 2013 pass rates are now available. You can read about them and post your comments on those here
Hot TopicIt’s always interesting when the CII publish their exam pass rates for the previous year.  Using stats from 2010 and 2011 as well you can see below how these percentages have changed for the Diploma and the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning exams over the last 3 years. (Information for the other exams can be found on the CII website).

The 2012 figures show pass rates for J01 – J11 range from around 51% up to just over 75%.  The lowest figure of 51.3% is for J03 – this has been at the bottom for the past 3 years.

Top of the charts with 75.24% is the new J10 Discretionary Investment Management exam.  Interesting, as this is a ‘J’ exam with multiple-choice questions not written ones.  Does this mean it’s easier?  The last 20 questions are multi-response questions based on case studies and I don’t think they’re particularly easy BUT 75.24% is an impressive statistic.  One thing I would say for the J10 manual is that it is one of the better written ones.  I found it a really interesting read which always helps when studying…

For the R0 units, the numbers passing have gone down for three modules in 2012 (R01, R02 and R03) and three have gone up (R04, R05 and the written R06 paper which includes J08 numbers too).

The AF subjects range from the lowest of just over 49% (for AF2) to the highest of just over 66% (for AF5).  AF5 has seen significant improvement – it looks like the two weeks you get to prepare for the exam using the fact find is being put to good use.

Unit Annual Pass Rate 2012 Annual Pass Rate 2011 Annual Pass Rate 2010
J01 65.15% 62.87% 64.22%
J02 59.64% 58.71% 60.32%
J03 51.30% 39.88% 41.80%
J04 59.70% 60.78% 47.21%
J05 64.51% 60.56% 55.01%
J06 63.56% 55.66% 49.40%
J07 53.07% 45.02% 43.67%
J10 75.24% N/A N/A
J11 58.93% N/A N/A
R06/J08 71.74% 65.19% 60.97%
R01 61.56% 62.85% N/A
R02 53.09% 59.27% N/A
R03 51.56% 57.77% N/A
R04 60.85% 58.28% N/A
R05 80.27% 78.68% N/A
AF1 57.28% 60.97% 58.90%
AF2 49.32% 48.25% 40.66%
AF3 51.93% 44.83% 39.88%
AF4 62.93% 60.65% 65.67%
AF5 66.55% 55.82% 49.01%
AF6 58.82% N/A N/A

Full data can be found on the CII website.