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CF5 Exam: Integrated Financial Planning

CF5 Exam: Integrated Financial Planning

The Certificate of Financial Planning is aimed at those who are plan to work in financial services in an administrative, customer support or technical support role. There are no prerequisites; the Certificate is open to anybody, regardless of their age, educational background or experience. If you want to gain authorisation to give financial advice in a professional capacity, this Certificate will be sufficient until the end of 2012; after that point, financial planners will need to obtain a Level 4 qualification.

To obtain the Certificate of Financial Planning, it is necessary to pass five modules: R01 or CF1 (financial services, regulations and ethics), CF2 (investment and risk), R05 (financial protection), CF4 (retirement planning) and CF5 (integrated financial planning). It is recommended, though not required, to study the exams in this order, but CF5 should be the final unit studied, as it tests candidates on their knowledge and understanding of the concepts and products examined in the previous four exams. Additionally, at the end of the CF5 exam, candidates should have a solid grounding in the financial services industry and its regulation.


The CF5 exam is a written exam with six sittings every year. There are test centres in 60 cities across the UK, including Belfast, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester and York. The CF5 exam has a recommendation of approximately 70 study hours, consists of two written case studies and has a nominal pass mark of 55%. It lasts for two hours and is worth 15 exam credits.

Brand Financial Training offer a number of study aids to help candidates pass the CF5 exam. The Mock Exam Papers consist of three complete sets of mock exam questions, modelled on the CII mock papers. The Portfolio Creation Workbook helps candidates deal with the “product selection and portfolio creation” element of the second exam question by focusing on the thought processes required to produce an appropriate model answer. The Calculation Workbook deals with the calculation element of the CF5 exam. All Brand Financial Training study aids can be purchased electronically in PDF format, meaning they can be downloaded instantly, letting candidates get started straightaway and giving them flexibility to work through the process at their own pace.

Information in this article is correct as at September 2011