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CII AF3 Exam: Pension Planning

The CII’s AF3 exam is in the third exam in the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. It is a 3-hour exam using case studies with 3 compulsory questions and a nominal pass mark of 55%. 150 hours of study is recommended by the CII for this paper.

Note that AF3 will be withdrawn by the CII from April 2018.  It will be replaced by two separate exams : AF7 Pension Transfers and AF8 Retirement Income Planning.

The exam syllabus covers HMRC’s tax regime for pensions; legal framework; features and risks of defined contribution and defined benefit pensions; state benefits for retirement; early leave choices and transfer issues; features, risks and taxation issues surrounding taking income; needs and solutions for both personal and corporate customers.

Our learning resources

Product-Mock-Exam-Questions-BinderThis image is for illustration purposes only. Resources are PDF downloads.

Mock Exam Papers

3 full sets of 3 multi-part questions and answers including cross references to the relevant CII study text. All questions and answers are written by Brand Financial Training and kept up-to-date to reflect changes to the exam syllabus and tax year.


Product-Calculation-Workbook-BinderThis image is for illustration purposes only. Resources are PDF downloads.

Calculation Workbook

Focussing on the calculations within the exam syllabus, the calculation workbook provides calculation questions with full step-by-step answers, detailed explanations and cross-references to the relevant CII study text.


Product-Study-Notes-BinderThis image is for illustration purposes only. Resources are PDF downloads.

Study Notes

Consider our study notes your condensed and more focussed take on the CII’s exam syllabus and learning outcomes. Our study notes put the exam syllabus into a sensible order, and eliminates any ‘padding’.


Product-Audio-BoxThis image is for illustration purposes only. Resources are MP3 downloads.

MP3 Audio Masterclasses

Learn by listening with our MP3 masterclasses. They allow you to absorb and understand the material in digestible chunks. You can listen at home, in the car, at the gym or wherever you may be.

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